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Britney, Britney, Britney (*shakes head*)

I suppose at this point everyone has an opinion on Britney's madness. But I imagine that you're all dying to hear mine. Because I'm full of self-importance that way.

As someone who has battled a few demons of my own, perhaps I can shed some light on her massively destructive behavior. First of all, please understand that addiction causes a person to make devastatingly bad decisions. When you, quite literally, can't live with a substance and you can't live without it, your judgment becomes quite impaired.

Secondly, you may have noticed that Britney appears to have a lot of other problems besides her heavy partying. That's not unusual, because really? The addictive behavior is just a symptom of the problem. We drink to excess and use drugs because we are so fucking unhappy in our lives. We're seeking the elusive high we felt the first time we drank or used. We're trying to change the way we feel.

Trouble is, it's only a temporary fix. Then, when you wake up to that pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization, you drink some more to get rid of those feelings. You're probably seeing the vicious cycle here.

(And yes, I do think she shaved off her hair because she was scared Kevin was going to have her drug tested. Course, she was so whacked out she didn't have the sense to take the hair with her. That's sooo something an alcoholic would do. That, and driving in a diaper so you don't have to stop & pee. Very, very alcoholic.)

We all start out needing to get off the substance, but the by-product of programs like AA is that you learn how to fix your thinking. We learn to stop thinking everything in the world is someone else's damn fault and why can't you all just appreciate me dammit??? WHYYYY? WHYYYYYY??? (/Sally Field traumatic breakdown)

You may be thinking, "Girl, this child is fucked. How is rehab going to fix all the things that are wrong with her?" To which I would say, "Well, no, there is no magic pill. And if there were, I'd have OD'ed on them anyway." But for starters, rehab will get her off this downward spiral she's on. And you'd be surprised how SO MANY of your other problems in life seemingly repair themselves when you start practicing the 12 Steps. Seriously.

Because the using is just a symptom of the problem, remember? And the 12 Steps are a plan of action for dealing with the underlying problems, whatever they may be. In Britney's case, I can only assume that includes typical child-star issues (being exploited by the people who are supposed to protect you, growing up too fast, never learning how to deal with adult responsibilities, having waaaay more money than sense, etc.) lethally combined with the failed relationships, the divorces, the possibility of post-natal depression. The list just goes on and on, doesn't it?

So much for the diagnosis. You probably had come to that conclusion on your own already. So now, what can be done??

I'm not a doctor but I think it's pretty obvious the girl needs some meds to even her out. And extensive long-term treatment. None of this 30-day bullshit. No getting out to go skiing or promote her movie or work on her album or whatever.

If it's true that her parents have cancelled her credit cards, etc, then they're taking the right action. Tough love is the only way to go, and it's a hard, hard line to walk, that one. You can't force someone into help if they're not ready. They're not going to get clean and stay sober if they haven't hit their bottom. To the outsider, you think, "Geez, how much lower can she go?" but you don't know. Oh, you just do. not. know. It can get pretty damn ugly.

You hope and you pray that they live through it. Her mom or someone - Kevin, even - needs to get those kids out of her grasp. Because we all know she's going down; she shouldn't be allowed to take innocent babies with her.

Now I don't have any experience with having my exploits splashed all over the internet for millions of readers to see, but I have to believe that the media's not helping any by reporting her every move. She's hating herself right now and craving the love she used to get from her fans, and she's sick enough to think this obsessive coverage is devotion. It's probably fueling her at this point.

You might ask, “Kalisah, what is she thinking?” Well, I can’t know for sure (especially if there’s some serious mental illness involved) but I have some idea.

She’s thinking that everyone needs to LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE AND SHE WOULD BE JUST FINE.

She’s thinking that she’s got a hold on it. She may be feeling like things are spinning out of control a bit, but she still thinks she can pull out of this skid. IF ONLY EVERYONE WOULD LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE.

She’s thinking that it’s not as bad as everyone acts like it is. She’s thinking that she knows TONS of people who drink more than she does.

She’s thinking that it’s NORMAL for a girl going through a divorce to go out and party and have a little fun. She’s thinking you people are just way too uptight.

She’s thinking that it’s all Kevin’s fault anyway. Motherfucker.

And Mom’s. That bitch. Always nagging at her.

And Dad’s. He thinks EVERYONE’S an alcoholic now that he’s joined that damn AA cult.

Other than that, she’s just thinking about how she’s gonna get her next buzz.

That’s what she’s thinking.


Well said. But could the freak-out also be a cry for the people who SHOULD be helping (her parents, and even Kevin, as he is the father of her kids) to give her the help she needs? Or could it be that she's just clamoring for attention, even if it's negative!?? I say that because both the drug addicts in my family are so starved for attention that they will do ANYTHING to make sure they're the center all. the. time.

Very true, Broad. An addict's thinking is extremely selfish and self-centered - thinking the world revolves around her.

One of the things I'm STILL learning (13 months sober) is hello?? It is NOT all about me!

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