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TV News from an Armchair Producer

That's Showbiz
OK first? The fact that the American Idol judges are making mean and demeaning comments to the entrants IS NOT NEWS. How does this rate first hour on the Today show?? Sheesh. Anyone who's watched a television show for any length of time knows what happens: the characters become extreme caricatures of themselves. Think about it: Monica was no where near that neurotic in Season 1. It's a very, very fine line to keep the personality of a character without going overboard into excessive. Even in unscripted shows, apparently.

The heartbreaker is, these kids are totally set up for failure. I worked with a young girl who sings jazz in a local group. She went to tryout here in Memphis. They brought in all 18,000 of these kids and sat them down in the FedEx Forum, and said, "We are not looking for good singers. We're looking for good TV." Then they had the kids onstage in groups, and they hand-picked the singers that would go in front of Randy, Paula & Simon.

So what you're seeing on TV is FAKE. There are literally thousands of really, really good singers in every city they go to who never get in to sing for the judges. Instead, they purposely select a few good ones and a whole lot of ridiculous ones. For good TV. And these kids, who are being selected to go in for the judges...they really think they have a chance! They go in, and they think they might be on their way to a dream career, and instead they're ripped to shreds. IT'S GOOD TV, PEOPLE!! YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!! REALLY!! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!


Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky
Does anyone know when the new season of Weeds is coming on? That's the problem with getting hooked on these cable shows - I can't seem to follow their calendar. Season 2 ended with one of the best season finales ever on TV:

1. The DEA agent/husband had been shot dead. Which is actually a good thing for Nancy, except that...
2. Nancy and Conrad were being jacked in the kitchen of their grow house with several automatic weapons pointed at their face...and no weed, because...
3. Her older son, Silas, had stolen it to force her to let him in on the action. Instead, Celia and the cops were just arriving to question him about stealing her surveillance cameras. Also...
4. Nancy's younger son, Shane, was headed on a road trip to Central America with Andy's crazy ex-girlfriend, after delivering one of the funniest graduation speeches in the history of elementary school. ("I'm here to tell you: THERE ARE SNAKES ON THIS MOTHERFUCKING PLANE.")

Seriously. Does television GET any better than this??


The New F-Word
Anyone want to take a stand on this whole Isaiah Washington/gay slur/lying about it later thing? Do you think he should be fired? Do you think if the tables were turned, and McDreamy had used the n-word, that HE would have been fired? Do you think the Grey's Anatomy feud has more substance than the O'Donnell-Trump one did?

Here's what I think: I think the man needs to shut the fuck up. And get some professional help. And start updating his resume because he is SO about to be fired.


And in Sports...
Prediction: Biggest. Super. Bowl. Yet. How much do we love Peyton Manning? Also, I wonder when the Bears will put out The Super Bowl Shuffle 2: Electric Bugaloo.

I just have to say that at the beginning of the season the family put their Super Bowl pick on the table and Hunter and I won.
Hunter -- Bears
Me -- the true winners -- Colts
If it is not a game...
At least the Pats/Colts was a GREAT GAME...

Hi! First time here, but I thought I'd jump right in. On one hand, what Dr. Burke (or whatever his name is) said was awful. On the other hand, they need him for the show and right now in my life? That wins.

And as for the Super Bowl? I'm in the doghouse because Boy 1 is convinced the Pats lost because I made him go to bed instead of staying up for the whole game. My bad.

Here's my question... how do you go into rehab for being a homophobic dickwad? I so don't get it, but apparently Burke has a big story arc coming up, so it would be too expensive to get rid of him. *sigh*

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