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It's a Fool's Game

We have one of those new radio stations in town marketed toward me. Well, not me, exactly. But women. My age. You may have read about this trend. No DJs, just music, mostly from the 70s and 80s. And they give the station a woman's name as its call letters (ours is KIM-FM). I'm forever hearing songs on there when I'm driving (like Journey, "Stone in Love") that I then run home and download on iTunes.

Today, I heard that Bonnie Tyler song "It's a Heartache." You might have thought it was Kim Carnes, but I was pretty sure it was Bonnie Tyler. You know the song; it goes like this:

It's a heartache,
Nothin' but a heartache:
Hits you when it's too late,
Hits you when you're down.

It's a fool's game,
Nothin' but a fool's game:
Standing in the cold rain,
Feeling like a clown.

It ain't right with love to share,
When you find he doesn't care for you.
It ain't wise to need someone,
As much as I depended on you.

It's a heartache,
Nothin' but a heartache:
Love him till your arms break,
Then he lets you down.
So I think to myself, "Man, this would be a great song for my 'Karaoke' playlist on my iPod!" And I came home and did a search for it on iTunes.

And do you even want to GUESS how many people have recorded this song? Holy shit! Who knew it was that popular! Guess I'm not the only person who thought, "This is fun to sing." (Although I am, apparently, the only person to have had thought that and then not laid it down on vinyl. Or whatever they use these days.) Complete list to follow:

1. Gene Pitney
2. Bonnie Tyler (Live) (which, OMG. Words that come to mind: rocks, Marlboro Reds, whiskey, gravel...)
3. Leilah Safka
4. Billie Jo Spears
5. Wanda Jackson
6. Pete Tex (saxophone instrumental)
7. Juice Newton
8 Jeannie Seely (banjo accompaniment)
9. Trick Pony
10. Ricky Dandell & Friends (who, I'm guessing, is a woman. Unless it's one of the Friends singing.)
11. Rod Stewart
12. Steven MacLachlan (New Version) (not sure what that means or what's new about it exactly)
13. Dana Winner
14. Laura Vinson (although the link appears to be to a male country singer singing "Good Love" so I can't actually confirm that Laura Vinson recorded this song.)
15. Bonnie Tyler (when she, apparently, still had a few vocal chords left)

I'm still deciding which one to download.