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Grande non-fat latte for Princess Leia!

I have actually talked about this here before.

I used to do that - give a fake name at Starbucks. You know, it's just easier than trying to spell my name for them & then have them fuck it all up anyway. Sometimes when they ask me my name, if I'm feeling especially ornery, I just say, "Kalisah, with a 'K'." and I leave them at that. They still don't get it right, but it's sometimes fun to see how they try.

I actually still do give a fake name if I'm not in my regular Starbucks. They know me there so it's rather pointless. Some of the names I've given include: Kate, Katie, Drew, Emmy, Emma, Rachel, Carrie, Evan and Evie. My best Starbucks name though, was "Brando."

The article mentions that some people like to use Star Wars names, which seems a little over the top for me.

Do you give fake names? What do you use?

I'm not sure why, but I often used to book restaurants under the name "Obolenskivichi".

I have a friend whose last name is Large. She always gave fake names when ordering pizza because she got tired of people saying to her, "No, your NAME. I KNOW you want a large pizza..."

I don't use fake names much for myself, but once I ordered a drink for my daughter and used the name Rory.

Rory! I love it!

I used to just say Matt, even if he wasn't with me. But now I say Melati and I say it as fast as I can to see how badly they can mess it up. It's quite gratifying.

Craig is our family's fake name of choice (for first names), that and Chet. For last names, we make an effort to create a really long multi-ethnic name, like Finkelsteinnenshantichan. Stuff like that. And then just throw letters out if they ask for help spelling. Or change to Smith at the last minute.

I can relate. My name, Shea (like Shea Stadium), is very often mispronounced. It was SO embarrassing in grade school when teachers would call me She-a. Ugh! It was awful. Now, my hubby always knows it's a solicitor calling when they call and ask for She-a, he just hangs up.

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