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Friday Flashback

In the spring of 1995, when My Kid was about 20 months old, he and his dad built a birdhouse together.
Here he is "helping" with his little plastic blue hammer. Big Daddy looks a bit like Elvis in this photo, but keep in mind this was at the height of the 90210 style period.

Big Daddy was half the man he is today! (Hah!) And just look at all that dark hair! Whoa. My Kid, on the other hand, appears to have the same hair style he's wearing today.

Here Big Daddy is helping Kid use the Big Daddy hammer. I imagine this was the Kid's favorite part.

It's starting to get dark by now. But it appears that the house is taking shape.

Ta-Da! All done!

Those pics are sooo cute!

So cute! And "90210 style period." HAHA!

If you hadn't said 1990s, I would have guessed 1970s because of the orange around the edges. Awesome pics though!

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