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Did you watch the Oscar nominations?

Did you see Salma?


So let's recap, shall we?

Forward-thinking people with bangs who are on the cutting edge of fashion (in order of the appearance of said bangs):
1. Andy Sachs
2. Rory Gilmore
3. Me
4. Reese Witherspoon
5. Salma

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I had bangs cut about year ago, and I'm really far away from the cutting edge of fashion.
Maybe I'm ahead of the game? Although, knowing what I wear and like, I doubt it.

OMG I LOVE #3. She's so fierce!


4 1/2. My nine-year-old daughter with purple hair. Looks totally cuter with bangs.

Hello, I'm mostly a lurker, mainly because I haven't often had much to add, but I figured I'd chime in today given the recent calling out of lurkers on a couple other blogs.

I've had bangs since I was about 8 years old. I've tried SO many times to grow them out because I love the look of no-bangs (on most people), but here I am, with bangs, I just look better with them. This year I'm in style. Yippee!
When are we going to see an updated picture of you with your newfound bangs?

Just when I thought I was gonna grow these bangs out, y'all had to drag me back in... where are the damn scissors *LOL*

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