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Because if you can't see your dreams, how can you make them happen?

Kat posted her "life plans" as laid out in the book Living Out Loud. Author Keri Smith recommends answering the following questions to help you envision what you want. It seems like a productive exercise, so I thought I'd try it, too. The idea is to imagine your ideal life.

1. Where do you live? Describe what your home looks like.
Big Daddy & I live in a loft apartment downtown in the South Main district. Our Kid moves out to go to college and makes such a success of his life that he never lives at home again. I still have my car but most days it remains parked while I walk or take the trolley where I need to go. Our loft is minimalist, easy to clean; we've gotten rid of a lot of our "stuff." It has a lot of light and highly polished wood floors. We feel very contemporary and cosmopolitan here.
2. What kind of people have you surrounded yourself with?
Strong, talented, funny, supportive women
3. Who are your best friends? What makes these relationships work?
My husband (love, mutual respect, selflessness); my AA friends (understanding, love, care for one another); friends from work (mutual respect, desire to see each other succeed, experiences in the trenches together)
4. What do you do on a daily basis that fulfills your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs?
Pray, mediate, read, practice yoga, talk to friends & members of my support system, spend time with my husband, email My Kid or talk to him on the phone.
5. Look at the clothes you are wearing. What do they say about you?
They say that I am professional, stylish and rich.
6. How would you describe your chosen profession?
I'm a PR Professional. I am personally invested in the goals and objectives of my clients and committed to creating solutions for them through communication strategies.
7. Describe your work setting.
Our agency is creative, fun, hardworking, dedicated to our clients and our craft. I hope to contribute to it's continued development and growth in both clients and staff.
8. Whom do you work with?
People that I can learn from and people that I can mentor.
9. Describe your ideal client and your ideal working relationship.
Mid-sized firms who know the value of what we can give them and give us the space to create. They are responsive but not pestering. Decisive but not overbearing.
10. What do you enjoy most about your career?
I enjoy fighting for and winning a piece of business. I enjoy producing work that makes a client say, "wow." I enjoy meeting with clients and presenting ideas and selling them on what I know will be the best option for their business. I enjoy securing a really big media hit.
11. How much money do you make?
A lot. I'm paid what I'm worth.
12. What do you spend your money on?
Travel, clothes, coffee, My Kid's education, treating my friends.
13. Have you acquired any awards and honors?
It's not necessary but entirely possible.
14. Describe how you think your peers view you.
They hate me because I win all the good business and then live up to the hype.
15. How do you view yourself?
Smart, clever, successful; also humble, grateful, giving
16. What do your admirers say about you and your work?
They say I'm the best in the business. They also say I'm honest, sincere and genuine.
17. What would you like to contribute to your field?
I'd like to contribute to bringing PR to the table in companies that currently don't see the value. People who think we're spin doctors and bullshitters will discover respect for our work and our contributions.
18. What would you like to contribute to your community?
I'm politically active. I sit on non-profit boards and donate my talents to their efforts. I take on pro-bono work. I work with other alcoholics and share what I've learned about living sober.
19. How do you enjoy your spare time?
Reading, spending time with friends, traveling

WOW! I love Line 17... I was so tired of hearing the term spin doctor regarding crisis PR that it grated a nerve.

I'm sure you will get your ideal life AND we will want to see pics of the loft when you get it!!!

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