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The Year in Photos

It's not exactly Life Magazine material, but I cleaned out all the photos on our camera today.

Last winter, we got snow. Do you think it's inappropriate to put a picture of your home on a christmas card?

"From our house to yours....May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white."

Last year's basketball awards presentation:

My furry child, before his summer haircut:

And after:

Summer vacation, Florida, 2006:

The Kid in a giant chair:

Big Daddy at the beach:

The Kid's annual beach tradition:

(Digging a giant hole)

And now Blogger won't let me post any more, so I'll have to try a new post. You haven't even seen the dance photos yet!

I love all the pictures! Why do dog haircuts make them look like puppies again? Awwww.

Look how slammin' you look in that white dress!

You are hot stuff, K!

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