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And the answer is....

Sorry to keep you waiting so long. I had some old photos to dredge up.

Apparently I've not ever talked about my heavy-metal rock stage that I went through between the ages of 18 and 22. Check out this photo of me from Monsters of Rock weekend.

Bonus points if you can tell me what's wrong with this shirt.

I think I was singing, like, a Dokken or Krokus or old school Motley Crue song here. Or maybe AC/DC "Shook Me All Night Long." Also, I was high as a kite. 21 & life to go.

This is who I was dating at the time:

My musical tastes were unduly influenced by him during my early 20s.

This is who I dated before that:

He and some friends performed a RATT song in a radio station lip-sync contest on the beach. They came in 2nd.

Running with the Devil? Ain't Talkin 'bout Love? Yep. I know them all.
#1 - TRUTH

On the other hand, does this not look to you like someone who would listen to the Beach Boys?

My friend Daisey had the "Endless Summer" album and for some reason, when we were Freshmen, we got really into it and listened to it a lot. Maybe because the only other albums we had between us were Journey "Escape," Styx "Paradise Theatre" and REO Speedwagon "Hi Infidelity" so maybe a little classic Beach Boys wasn't such a bad choice.

One summer Daisey and I and a couple other friends went to the Beach Boys concert at the Biloxi Coliseum. I think maybe both our moms went with us - we were only 14 - but I know for sure my mom did.

The following summer, when they came touring around again, my sister and I went. We had seats on the floor and we danced on our chairs. WHAT? I was 15.

#3 - TRUTH

Which leaves the Whitney Houston song, which wasn't even released before I graduated in 1984, so it would have been a physical impossibility for me to have sung it in high school. Also, no way in hell our high school beauty pageant had a talent portion (academic achievement didn't count either). And? It would be a pretty sad high school if this were the most attractive person in it:

So #2 - LIE
I think Chica & Chris were the only ones to get it right, although a couple of other people were on the right track. Thanks for playing! I have no prizes save for the pleasure of these photos.

I said 3, but I meant 2 which you could totally tell by my comment about you never saying you sung in public before.

so I kind of won.

Yes, you did. In fact, I was going to name you the "winner" until Chris & Chica actually said #2.

Dude! I went to that same Monsters of Rock show! Well, I went to the one in Houston, anyway, but it was the same lineup! OMG! I would post a picture of the guy I was dating and went there with, but my DH reads my blog and he would get pissed. But picture a really massive mullet and a permanently stoned expression. (Er, on him. Not me. I just had HUGE HAIR and a lot of eyeliner.)

I knew it! I refused to believe someone who can be this funny would sing such a cheesy song... Does that count?
And really funny pictures!

Aww, I'm too late to play! That was funny. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Ok you have shown your old style , you need to show your new one, it looked really cute when i came in town a couple of weeks ago.

awww....aren't you sweet! I'll see what I can do....

At least you're a better person now fashion and music-wise. The past is in the past. haha.

What's wrong with you're tshirt? It may be too big, and it's tucked into your jeans.

that's how we wore them back then - please notice, too, that the sleeves are rolled up.

No, the trivia answer is THE SHIRT IS ON BACKWARDS.

(I told you I was high.)

What?!! No prizes. What kinda contest was that? ;)

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