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Upon further reflection....

  • And having listened to Queen on the old iPod today, I have come to the conclusion that I was waaaaaay too easy on those AI kids last night. They all suck. If any one of 'em had a real voice they'd have sung "The Game." But did they? No! And you know why? Because they all suck! And it's a CONTEST for pete's sake! How come no one had the balls to sing "I Want it All (and I Want it Now)"???
  • Stripper shoes or not, I've decided I LIKE being 5'7.

Do you see bullets in that post? Why are my bullets not showing up??

no bullets

oh. i like the stripper shoes by the way. very not really stripper but very cute.

Again with the ankle wraps. I like the shoes, except for the ankle wraps.

and, how did I not know that you were tall?

I'm 5'2 and a half. I call it 5'3. If I stand up really, really straight.

Ok, yeah, I felt like a real idiot as soon as I typed that, and realized that you meant WITH the shoes on.

There you go.

Of course, I wrote that with the assumption that everyone KNOWS how short I am, but I've never really talked about that here and it's hard to tell by that photo.

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