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A Night at the Opera (well...not quite)

Curiosity got the best of me, so I watched. However, I DVR'ed it and only watched the performances. I fast-forwarded over all the other crap. Here are my thoughts:

Bucky - Fat Bottomed Girls
This turned out to be a really good song for him. Randy called it "rocking country" and I have to say, it was quite a foot-tapping performance. He needed to go somewhere on the long note of "Oh" that starts out each line of the song; I felt like it was a little dead. You can't hold a note that long and not go somewhere with it. But overall, I liked it. I did. B+

Ace - We Will Rock You
Do you get the feeling that he only chose this song because he knew the audience would sing and clap along with it? (Note to Ace: If you're going to wear leather pants, make sure they fit correctly.) I agree with Randy: this is a BIG SONG and frankly, you're no Freddie Mercury. C-

Pickler - Bohemian Rhapsody
It's probably the only Queen song this girl has ever heard. "Nothing really matters to me." Not even singing on pitch, apparently. I don't understand why none of the judges mentioned it. She wasn't just "pitchy," as they like to say, she was way, way off pitch. F

Chris - Innuendo
Does everything he sings have to come out sounding like a Pearl Jam song? Sheesh. It was all right, but it lacked the melodic Freddie Mercury sound that made him such a musical genius. Simon was right - this guy's supposed to have the killer rocker voice, he could have done something great with I Want it All or One Vision or something. C

McPhee - Who Wants to Live Forever
I'll be honest with you - I fast-forwarded over her. It was killing me. I just couldn't listen to her massacre the music. No grade

Eliott - Somebody to Love
He did pretty good. It's a hard song to sing. He would have impressed me if he'd gone for the high note on "every"-body. Too much Mariah Carey warbling brought him down from a B. C+

Taylor - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Dude, quit doing that chicken dance thing with your legs. It got a lot better the further into he got. I actually enjoyed the last 45 seconds or so. I think the whole 50s-jive thing made him seem older but overall a lot of fun and a solid performance. B-

Paris - The Show Must Go On
Definitely the best female performance of the night. It reminded me of something....I just can't place it. Thought she looked good and sounded great. B+

So there you have it. Bucky and Paris gave the best performances of the night, I think. Who should be in the bottom three: Pickler, McPhee, Ace. Who will be in the bottom three: Ace, Eliott, Paris.

I agree that Bucky and Paris were the best last night. I haven't really liked Paris up to now, but she did okay on that one. I LOVE that Bucky even picked Fat Bottomed Girls. I liked Elliot, too. Yeah, not as good as Freddie, but who is?

I'm just sorry little Kevin Covais wasn't around to sing "Get Down, Make Love". Hee!

I agree with you on Bucky and I thought Paris looked great, but I thought she sounded weird. And Ace just needs to go...

And Chris who has been my favorite, "WHAT WAS THAT" of all the cool songs that would have been great with his voice,

And with what happened last week who knows who will go this week...

all the radio morning shows are discussing this and they're all trashing Bucky & Paris & Ace.

This is why I shouldn't watch this show....my idea of what's "talent" just seems to go against the general public's view.

My head nearly exploded last night. It wasn't as bad as other nights have been, but good christ!

I posted it my journal about it but we're pretty much on the same wavelength. Bucky was my favorite, Pickler wasn't as bad as Ace but she certainly wasn't good, and I just wanna bang Chris, so I'm partial.

I think Paris reminded me of Joan Jett w/her near-mullett.

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