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Bye-Bye Bucky

Well, I got two out of three right on my prediction for the bottom three. But the one I left out was the one who went home, so I don't have a whole lot of bragging room.

I haven't really watched enough to make a generalized judgment on the boy. I thought he sounded good on Tuesday, not so good last night when he repeated his Queen song. Southern rock is not really my scene, so maybe he'll be successful yet in his own genre. Personally, I find him no more or less appealing than that Bo Bice guy.

I didn't see all the family presentations since I only just tuned in for the last half-hour. But didn't you think it was weird how much Ace's brother looked EXACTLY LIKE HIM?? I kept waiting for them to say they were twins, but then they said that Ace was the youngest of five brothers. BTW, he looks an awful lot like Big Daddy's nephew in Albuquerque. Not that that pertains to anything we're talking about, I just keep thinking it every time I see him smile. Hey! I know! How about a Bad English night?? Maybe get John Waite as the musical guest? No? Okay, Rod Stewart and musical standards it is then. Sounds painful. Terribly, terribly painful. I just keep picturing Pickler trying to scat her way through some Hoagy Carmichael or something. *shudder*

Queen was a tough challenge for all of them. I gave Bucky big big big points for attempting Fat Bottom Girls (my personal favorite Queen song).

Bucky is actually the one with a twin brother, but they only showed him for like half a second last night.

I was sad to see Bucky go. He wasn't the best singer in the group, but he reminded me SO much of my nephew, it isn't even funny.

For some reason I can't seem to get into this season! I feel so left out when I read/hear people talking about American Idol!

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