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Yeah, I know my house is messy, but whatever. IT SMELLS GOOD.

Last week Big Daddy & I took My Kid and his friend from the basketball team to the mall. We let the pre-teenagers run wild and pick up chicks while we drank coffee and strolled around and spent one-third of our retirement account in a candle store.

I got two candles that are a little sweeter than what I usually go for, but man, have they got my house smelling like springtime. And I got this other one, which was ridiculously expensive (it's a lot smaller than the others), but it smells like yoga and I've been burning it in my office and it's so wonderful you can even smell it in there the next day. I can't find online the one that Big Daddy got for his office; it's this one in cinnamon cappuccino. It's sitting on his desk but he hasn't actually burned it yet. I imagine it will smell like Starbucks in there when he does.