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What is wrong with this photo of Madonna?

Whitney Matheson says she looks like an alien and I couldn't agree more. Is her eye really that big?

Oh good lord, that is awful! I've never seen her look that bad.

She kind of looks like an emaciated Debra Harry. Except not as cool.

That's horrible. She's all hair & neck. And eye.

Can you say PhotoShop?

I didn't even recognize her.

That's gotta be photoshoped. They compressed her head or something. And? What's up with the secret gay life of Luther Vandross?

that's not Madonna! That's some drag-queen impersonator... right?


I saw that earlier today...it's freaky.

she just looks so sickly, albino like. i don't know if it's me or my monitor, but her eyes look pink. not fabulous, AT ALL!

I hate hate hate hate HATE her hair like that.

She should save that "phone home" call and phone new stylist!

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