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Today's edition, in which I share ideas I've stolen from someone else

The nice thing about visiting other households is that you pick up new ideas and tricks and recipes that you can try at home. For instance, all of these ideas that I've incorporated this week, I picked up from Susan while we were in St. Louis.

1. The Swiffer Sweep+Vac is the greatest thing to happen to my kitchen floor. I never have to use a broom again.
2. Kids love these "homemade" mini cinnamon rolls. They're so easy, even I can make them.
3. If your kitchen table collects mounds and mounds of clutter and shit like mine does (oh, it's a real problem), then keep it set with cute place settings so there's no room to set things down. I picked up all this (minus the candle) from the Williams Sonoma outlet store for $41.
Still on my list: I'm totally getting one of these rocking coffee makers.

I love when you get new ideas from your friends too! Those cinnamon rolls look great and probably aren't as bad for you as the ones that come in the tube with all that wonderful icing. We love our Swiffer vacuum thingy too. And if I ever get my breakfast table cleared off, it would be a miracle. :)

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