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Spring is here

I can tell by the violent thunderstorms and tornado and hail warnings that are rolling into the area today. Also? The spring make-up circulars in the mail box.

So far, I'm very excited by the Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar line. It's just so....spring-y. The Pink Face Palette looks like a pretty good deal, no? And the new Lip Sheers are going to be great for summer. I want four.

Then I also received the Benefit catalog which is always so fun! I managed to whittle that list down to two things that I NEED: Boi-ing ("the world's best concealer!") and High Beam which I'm convinced it going to give me glowy, SJP skin. And I love the dandelion so much that I think I might have to try out the new dallas for summer, maybe.

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Oooh! That pink sugar from Bobbi Brown is lovely. I may have to buy that....

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