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Oscar Update

I have an update to my Oscar movie review. I've now seen Walk the Line (FINALLY. Sheesh.), Pride and Prejudice and Junebug.

It's been a couple weeks since I saw Junebug so I don't really remember enough details to discuss it thoughtfully. I can say that it was a good study in a middle class American family's life and Amy Adams was dead-on charming as the overly optimistic young mother-to-be. And Ryan from The OC was quite believable as the gruff brother in the trucker hat who only relaxed around his work buddies.

Walk was fabulous. I got into a conversation with the guy at Blockbuster this morning on how "disturbing" this film is. He said that the Cash daughter went to the screening and walked out because it upset her so. And I can see that. From personal experience, I can imagine that watching a parent's active addiction on the big screen must be upsetting. But then he said that he thought Walk was more disturbing than Million Dollar Baby and I'm all, "Wha...?" No way. Maybe we're just more used to watching addiction than euthanasia or something.

Casting and Direction
It took me a while to get used to Phoenix's singing voice, which wasn't as deep as Johnny Cash's - but then again, whose is? And I have to admire the fact that the producers didn't overuse his well-known songs, such as "Ring of Fire" and the title track.

Reese was awesome. She's so gonna win that trophy. Can't say much more than that.

Pride was better than I expected. The thing is, Pride is my favorite book. I love it so much. And I liked the Colin Firth version. And I just wasn't feeling Keira Knightly as Lizzie. But when it came out on DVD I decided to give her a try. And it was OK. I actually liked some of her Lizzie. Two things that I didn't care for was 1) the way she wrinkled up her nose when she laughed and 2) the way her collarbones were sticking out of her dress like two shelving units but I guess that's par for the course in Hollywood these days.

Casting and Direction
Little Jena Malone as the giggly, boy-crazy little sister was refreshing. And Donald Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn played nice Mr. & Mrs. Bennetts (respectively). Dame Judi Dench - fabulous as the bitchy Lady Catherine de Bourg. And the guy playing the weaselly Mr. Collins nailed that part.

Overall, it was probably Mr. Darcy that I liked the least. You know, and you gotta have the right Mr. Darcy. But I never quite made up my mind about this one in particular. Then again, I guess if you can't quite decide if he's too cold or just sexy enough, then you've nailed the classic character of Mr. Darcy.

You gotta get Junebug just for Amy Adam's performance.
Definitely rent Walk the Line. Buy it even. Good stuff there.
Pride & Prejudice is worth the rent. And the two hours to watch it.