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Local weathermen, or as I like to call them, professional alarmists

Maybe it's just me, but when you're warning your viewers that they are in the direct path of a deadly tornado, it is not the time to tout your superior weather forecasting tools and abilities. I mean, how many times can the guy say "million watts of power" during one emergency weather report? Personally, it does not make me feel safer to know that I'm watching the station with the most accurate radar capabilities. You want to make me feel better? Put "As the World Turns" back on.

Haven't you ever noticed though, that when bad weather breaks out (but not in your area) that is all that is on... but you get woken in the middle of the night and want to know what the heck is going on... you can't get one weather update. What is up with that?


Kalisah, we had that same situation here today (oh, btw, thanks for sending that stuff this way..ha!). I am scared to death and all our stations could do was tell us how much better they were than the other stations, i.e., "We are the ONLY station in the area with this technology." I am not sure how many times that was said, but ya know, tell me what's going on and put the programming back on already.

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