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Let's talk "Superstitions"

Did you watch Grey's last night? What are your thoughts??

Let's see....where to start.

I used to think Denny was going to die but now that Izzy's dumped Alex I'm not so sure. I like Denny's character but I'm not mad about him like some viewers. I'm not sure why the writers are so intent on making Alex the bad guy, but he sure took it last night, didn't he? I thought it was so realistic that he took his anger and pain out on George, who, let's face it, is an easy target.

I like Dr. Torres. I'm not sure I love her & George together, but she seems like a realistic character and it does my heart good to have another woman on the show besides Bailey who is realistically sized.

I loved the scene where Izzy's trailer park self threatened to kick Christina's Beverly Hills ass if she didn't turn over Burke's lucky scrub cap. That was great writing that really demonstrated the strength of Izzy and her power to love (Denny).

Also enjoyed the banter between Meredith and Christina in the elevator: "The She-Shepherd hot-chocolated me...."

So me & the Chief, we got something in common. Huh. I could see it coming when he entered her room and she introduced her new little sponsoree. I realized then why he sent George and the others away - he was trying to protect his anonymity.

But I just want to go on record as saying that TV is notorious for mis-portraying AA. I mean, they get doctors to check the scripts and make sure they're technically correct but do they ever ask the opinion of someone in recovery?? As much as I *heart* Mary Kay Place and have since The Big Chill and that awesome "They're either married or they're gay..." speech, I find it necessary to point out that no self-respecting member of AA would support a male-female sponsorship relationship. In fact, they have a facetious nickname for that; they call that "13-stepping."

That said, Ollie was a true sponsor. That's what they do: they kick your ass into sobriety. Make you do things you don't want to do. Tell you the hard truths, like, "Better to lose your anonymity than your sobriety." And you've never seen such a crowd in a hospital waiting room as you will when a popular "old-timer" has been admitted. You go through the trenches with someone and they become closer than family. I loved that they had a room full of people for her. And I'm really glad they let her live.

And boy, don't we have an interesting path to go down now with the Richard/Ellis relationship? Not to mention Meredith's propensity for tequila shots.

My last thought: I think next time I change my hair color, I'm going Addison Red.

I think you should go back to red, those were the days and It looked great on you, Curly and Red.

ahh...but I think you & you're mom are prejudiced!

I've been saying I want to go bright red again...although I'll probably wait until the end of summer.

yeah, the trailer park comment was hilarious!

over from Carmen's

Mary, mom to many

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