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Hello from the S-T-L

I've been trying to post from Susan's house for two days now.....little did I know that blogger doesn't work in that version of Netscape. Ah well....I'm here now.

So we made it here with minimal problems. Except that I missed my exit. Twice. And the trip took about an hour and a half longer than it should have. Apparently God forgot my inner compass when he made me. Remember that scene in "The Pacifier" when Vin Diesel's driving scared the kid so bad that when he stopped the car she jumped out and screamed "LAND!!!" and kissed the ground? That's pretty much how My Kid reacted when we FINALLY got here.

I always considered Memphis to St. Louis an "easy" drive, but maybe I've mostly done it at night? Because here are three things I learned while driving it this time:
1. There is not a fucking thing to look at on the way.
2. You can get a speed metal station on the radio, but no top 40.
3. Two words: Dead. Animals.

Here's a list of all the dead animals we saw on the side of the road:
1. Raccoon
2. Rabbit
3. Possum
4. Skunks (2)
5. Coyote
6. Cow

OK, we're not really sure the cow was dead. And it wasn't on the side of the road either, it was out in the pasture with the other cows. But, while they were all standing around eating grass and chewing their cud, this one cow was laying down. On its side. With its head on the ground, too. So we're calling it dead.

We've had a great time with Susan and her family. Her house is gorgeous and I'm totally going to have to post some photos of it when I get back. Her kids are great and I'm totally in love with her little girl and I'm packing her in my suitcase and taking her home with me if I don't dip her in chocolate and eat her up before then. The one thing I have to adjust to is the NOISE LEVEL in a house full of kids. And in the car? They want their little Jessie McCartney and Click 5 tween pop-rock CDs on and they're all playing hand-held video games and talking and hollering at each other and Susan & I are trying to talk above it all and sorry, Carmen, but I don't think I can ever come visit you.

More later....and lots of photos to come once I get home.

A COW!!!!!!!! Good god.

Oh, but, K, you HARDLY even notice the noise after a while. I pinky promise you.

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