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Further proof that staying at home is turning me into June Cleaver

I baked a pie today. I did. It's apple and I did it all myself from start to finish. Well, OK....it was a frozen crust and canned pie filling, but that crumb topping? I made that crumb topping from scratch, bay-bee.

You are a domestic goddess!

And by the way, I don't think God intended anyone to make pie crust from scratch. Why would the froze and refrigerator kinds work so well if he did?

Nice. Now, can you shove some of that through the internet because I'm hungry and it looks good!

And the crumb topping is ALWAYS the best part!

Yum.my. please to deliver still hot with ice cream immediately.

baby steps, kalisah. don't feel so guilty, my mom's recipe for pie crust has been passed down to me - pillsbury refridgerated pie crust.

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