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All Hail Memphis Music

Geese Aplenty is such a funny writer and he had a great Oscar write-up, including these notes on Memphis' Three 6 Mafia in which he even has a dig at Celine Dion, my least favorite Ruth Buzzy-look alike:

Thank God for “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” I grant you, it’s no feminist manifesto. But usually the nominees for best songs are sung by some big-nosed Canadian for a Jim Cameron movie, or some bald nightmare from the ‘80s doing a Disney ballad. At least this song has a little juice.

Wait, it has too much juice for the Oscars. They’ve swapped out the word “bitches”: “You’ll have a whole lot of witches jumping ship.” Suddenly it’s a song about Harry Potter. Oh well, at least it won.

I can't STAND Celine Dion. She whines when she sings.

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