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Soulsville (updated)

Last night I went to this political fund-raiser event at Stax Museum. First of all, what a cool place! I mean, way, way cool place. With tons of really cool stuff. Like Isaac Hayes' sky blue Cadillac with white fur carpet and solid gold trim. It cost $26,000 back in the 70s.

But, in all honesty - seriously? They really think that tourists are going to visit there? Because it is smack dab in the middle of South Cracktown. I know it is the original location of the studio and all and that it was a soul record company, which means "black music." But do they only think that African-Americans will want to visit there? Because I honestly would not visit that neighborhood on my own, no offense Black Moses. But it really is a most amazing place.

Since we've been on the topic of music (iTunes, and all), here's a few other music mentions:

  • I think James Blunt's song "Beautiful" may possibly be the most perfect song ever written. They say he wrote it about an ex-girlfriend. Could you imagine someone that talented (and cute) writing (& singing) that song for you? *Swoon*
  • If I ever met Bobbie Brown, I think I would start singing "My Perrogative" to him. Do you think he would join in and sing it with me? I think he would. Especially if the cameras were rolling.
  • Well thanks god. Britney is going to fill the "lull" in pop music. I'm all atwitter.
  • So, I heard that Three 6 Mafia is going to sing the "Hustle & Flow" song at the Oscars. Remember last year how Beyonce (yawn) sang all of the Oscar-nominated songs? And this year, everyone is like 'I wonder who's going to sing the Hustle & Flow song?' b/c I just don't see that bootie-shaking-dancer-wannabe belting out how hard it is out here for a pimp. So everyone thought 'Well, maybe Terrance will sing it,' since he sang it in the movie. But then I hear no! Three 6 is singing at the Oscars!! Remember a couple years ago when that Aerosmith song from that ridiculous drilling-on-the-astroid-Bruce-Willis movie was nominated? And Liv Tyler was on the red carpet saying 'OMG!!! Here we are and whoever would think that my dad would sing at the Oscars???' Well, that's kinda how we feel in Memphis today.

And FYI, we're getting iced-in tonight. And you can't even imagine how crowded Blockbuster was this evening.