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Something you should know about me (it's gonna come out anyway)

I am an Olympics Junkie.

I fell in love with the Olympics at the age of six, when Olga Korbut stole my heart and I insisted on wearing my hair in tiny pigtails every day (even for my class photo).

There were others: Dorothy, Nadia, Mark, Greg, Eric, Bruce, Katarina, Tara, Oksana, Michelle, Nancy & Tanya, Scott, Mia, Flo-Jo, Bonnie, Dan, Apolo Anton, Picabo, Jonny, Bode....I'm like the Oscar winner who can't name everyone because there's always so many she'll leave out.

So how 'bout them opening ceremonies, eh? I just have one question for the show producers: Where is the ice? Dude, it's snowing IN MEMPHIS but the skaters in the XX Winter Olympiad are on rollerblades. I'm not feeling it.

I loved the singing - especially the little girl - and I'm so disappointed that I fell asleep before Pavarotti. Now I read in the paper that Peter Gabriel sang "Imagine." Wish I'd managed to stay up just a bit longer.

The F1 Ferrari doing donuts was so cool and brought to mind my favorite Italian racer, Alex Zinardi, who was famous for doing donuts after he won a race. (And he won A LOT.) They would always fine him but he kept doing them. Sadly, Alex lost both legs in a race car accident.

The parade of athletes is always fun, but the disco music?? I'm wondering how some of the foreign teams felt about marching in to Donna Summer?

But I think my favorite part was the 400-something people in colored ponchos formed into the giant ski jumper. Way, way cool that.

Let the games begin!