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My Valentine

I don't really do Hallmark Holidays, but in honor of the occasion, I give you:

Getting to Know Big Daddy
1. When Big Daddy yawns, he sounds just like Chewbacca.
2. Big Daddy is a workaholic, but it's totally paid off in his career.
3. Big Daddy likes war movies.
4. And '24'
5. And 'Lost'
6. But he totally doesn't get how network TV works. He'll come in when I'm watching Gilmore Girls at 9:30 a.m. on ABC Family and say, "Is this a re-run?"
7. Big Daddy is very tight with money.
8. But he loves to buy stuff for his family, and money is no object.
9. When we were dating, he said that Valentines Day was his favorite holiday because "it's the day you say 'I Love You' the biggest way you know how."
10. Big Daddy doesn't cook often, but when he does, he makes a huge mess in the kitchen.
11. Big Daddy wouldn't notice that the trash needed taking out if it overflowed onto the floor and started wrapping around his legs like a dancing cobra.
12. Big Daddy buys and drinks sugar-free Rock Stars by the case.
13. Big Daddy played football in high school, but his temper was too short and he cussed out his coach and walked off the field one day and never went back.
14. Big Daddy's brothers & sister were all 20 years' older than him. He was a "menopause miracle" (his mom was 49 and thought she was going through menopause but was really pregnant. Can you imagine???)
15. Big Daddy is completely addicted to XBox. Unreasonably addicted. Fights-with-his-son-over-it-like-two-little-kids addicted.
16. Big Daddy sleeps in shifts - a few hours at night, a few hours in the late afternoon. It's his own special form of insomnia.
17. Big Daddy has really, really good taste. Exceptionally good taste. He has picked out every formal dress I've owned and they have been knock-outs.
18. The only famous woman Big Daddy's ever had an attraction to is Reese Witherspoon, and he's got a mad crush on her.
19. It was Big Daddy's idea that I go blonde (see #18).
20. Big Daddy is such a huge basketball fan that he used to record the NCAA tournament so he could watch it over and over when the season was over and he had basketball withdrawal.
21. Big Daddy is a whiz at Scrabble. I've seen him score over 100 points on one word.
22. Big Daddy types by hunt & peck with two fingers, but probably types 65 or 70 wpm. He's very fast.
23. Big Daddy has a genius business mind. He could easily make a living as a consultant telling people how to make their business a success.
24. Big Daddy owns all the Adam Sandler DVDs except that one where he plays the devil or whatever.
25. His favorite is the golf one where he beats up Bob Barker.
26. Big Daddy's favorite actors are Clint Eastwood and John Wayne.
27. Big Daddy used to have a pair of lucky socks that he wore whenever he had a big meeting or business deal. I don't know what ever happened to those.
28. His favorite clothing is his gray FedEx sweatshirt.
29. Big Daddy is not afraid to give the smackdown to vendors or employees.
30. I imagine he's actually kind of difficult to work for since he's so smart and he thinks everyone else is a complete idiot.
31. When Big Daddy was a teenager, he was a bit of a troublemaker.
32. He once drove a golf cart into a lake at his dad's club.
33. I seem to remember that he once drove his dad's Chrysler into a lake, too.
34. Big Daddy looks old for his age because he's prematurely gray. (It runs in his family.)
35. If I had to pick one word to describe Big Daddy, it would be DEDICATED.