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Melati posted this hilarious employee Q&A from her company's web site that reminded me of something similar we did here in the office. We're working on a news release about the new PR team at our agency and we put together this profile to go with the release:


Kalisah: I’ve been married to Big Daddy for most of my adult life. One son, age 12.

Amy: My husband British Guy and I have no children yet.

Kalisah: Unless you count British Guy.

First Job:

Kalisah: I used to babysit and teach piano to young children. I was quite the entrepreneur.

Amy: I worked at Dinstuhl’s during chocolate-covered strawberry season.

Kalisah: Mmmm…chocolate.

Amy: Oh, you’d be surprised how quickly chocolate can lose its appeal.

Kalisah: Less appealing than babysitting?

Career Highlights:

Kalisah: Launching the inaugural St. Jude Thanks & Giving campaign was rather memorable.

Amy: For me it was convincing a London PR agency to hire a Southern girl just out of college.

Most Satisfying Career Moment:

Amy: Growing my former agency from one employee (me) and one small technology client to 18 employees and a wealth of brand name accounts five years later. It’s testament that it isn’t the size or heritage of an agency that wins business but hard work, great ideas and bags of energy!

Kalisah: We were doing a video shoot with Marlo Thomas and she needed someone to purchase wardrobe items for her and she said, “Where is that Kalisah girl? She always looks nice.” Swish!

Career Advice:

Amy: Find a job that allows you to make money doing what you love.

Kalisah: And wear expensive shoes. They’re much more comfortable than the cheap ones.

Person Most Admire:

Amy: My husband moved all the way from London to Memphis and hasn’t complained once!

Kalisah: My friend Boris who escaped communist Romania and now owns the most charming little European bistro here in town.

Last Book Read:

Amy: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. A beautifully written book about books.

Kalisah: Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs. Not as good as Running with Scissors but I love how he makes the most disturbing of life events humorous and real.

Favorite Film:

Amy: Lost in Translation

Kalisah: Hope Floats. Harry Connick Jr. is my pretend boyfriend.

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Kalisah: The French Riviera. Or, it would be, if I were rich and famous and could afford to vacation there.

Amy: Go to Prague at Christmastime. It’s freezing but the experience is not to be missed!

Change I Would Like to See:

Amy: I would love to see more Americans traveling or living abroad. It allows you to question your preconceptions about people and places – and propels you to share what you’ve learned with others.

Kalisah: And I would really love to see Memphis score a Sephora.