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LOST (spoilers ahead) (sorta)

So, I watched LOST the other night (no pun intended) even though I gave up on it last season b/c I just think it's gotten a little TOO weird, but I saw an interview with Evangeline Lily where she assured Regis that the weird "monster" was NOT a dinosaur and when he kept insisting that it was, she said she'd bet him and that she'd be proven right on that very night's episode. So I tuned in to see what the "monster" was but really I'm no more informed that I was before b/c all I know now is that it's black smoke??? Wha?

Best Line of the episode: "What're you gonna do - beat me with your Jesus Stick?" That's gonna be my new catch phrase, I just have to figure out how I can work it into everyday conversation. If you have some suggestions for when this might be an appropriate response, please leave them for me in the comments. Thanks.