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Again with the shoes

So I've continued to shop. I haven't bought anything else, but I've been shopping. And now I have a new distress: cute flats cost upwards of $300 too! Why did I think that because they're less desirable to me they would for some reason be cheaper? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND KALISAH???

My coworker Amy worked in London for five years and when she left (about six months ago) she said that all her friends were wearing silver and gold flats. Hmmm. I have last season's gold Republic skirt, which I could pair with this sweater in white, and maybe some glittery hose and pretty gold flats. Then I'd have to have this cute little evening bag, too. I could live with that for a holiday outfit.

Note to shoe designers: I am neither preppy nor Native American. All flats need not look like loafers and mocs. Sheesh.

However, I'm not hitting a total brick wall. These Pliners are kind of cute. And reasonably priced, too. These actually look like the black ballet flats I bought at Macy*s this week. I'm loving these Jimmy Choos. I didn't even know he made flats. These Katie Spades might be cute with a skirt?

And in looking for boots, imagine my surprise to find store after store of western-style boots! That works for me, because I have two GREAT pairs of cowboy boots - in both brown & black - that I simply adore but haven't worn in a few years. Of course, I'll need some longer skirts to waer them with. Something like this, I think would work equally well with brown flats or cowboy boots. And THIS just may be my most favored look for winter: Tulle skirt & cowboy boots! Who knew?? It's so Donna Karen circa 2001. (I would, of course, lose the white socks.)

Go on now - shop amongst yourselves.