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Pay attention. There'll be a test later.

So today at work Big Daddy called me and told me to go to Sears by 5:30 and ask for Quentin. He told me to pick out which washer I wanted and to get Quentin's card and he (Big Daddy) would call tomorrow and make all the arrangements. Then he gave me a budget to buy within (which *sheesh* he's ALWAYS doing to me!!!).

So I go to Sears. I ask for Quentin. He directs me to the front-loading washers.

The one I wanted is like $1500. Yeah, not so much in the budget (but OK, just barely. I probably could've talked my way into it...but I kept thinking of all the SHOES that could buy).

Quentin showed me the next-largest front-loading capacity. And dude! It was half the price of the top-of-the-line! Of my budget even!

Which means...I can get the dryer too!

Because really. What good is a high capacity washer if the dryer will take two hours to dry the load?

So I'm feeling like the total bargain shopper.

Sears gave us a $500 credit on our washer (defective and four replaced parts in six months and all that). The washer was $699. The dryer, $400. You do the math.

So we make the deal. And, since I wasn't planning on going to Sears after work, they have to look up our account number. And call the home office. And the guy on the phone wants to speak to me.

Which ewww. Totally grosses me out. It's like...talking on a pay phone. I just know I'm getting acne as we speak.

And hello? The whole transaction took AN HOUR. Can't you have some place for your customers to sit down? I'm in 3-inch heels here.

OK, now for the test. What? I told you there would be a test. So here it is:

What's wrong with this photo?

Are you kidding me?? A man and his son, looking at washers?? HA! LIKE THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT THOSE ARE FOR. They're probably lost, and think they're in the TV section and they're trying to figure out how to turn the damn thing on.