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The Science Center in St. Louis has FREE internet access

Me & the Kid are at the amazing St. Louis Science Center which is so cool and pretty much...amazing. And free. Did I mention free? (Big Daddy dropped us off and went to go visit his sister's gravesite.) So we check out the ecology section. And the health and biology section. And the dinosaurs and the last section we come to is computers and the internet and we make it through that and at the end there are COMPUTERS! And INTERNET! Hellooo, Internet!

So I'm on my blog and My Kid is managing his fantasy football team for tomorrow's game. I love this town.

The trip up was not bad - I ended up driving the whole way. Big Daddy was sooooo tired, and I had all this great music on the iPod Nano to keep me going. We were just driving through West Memphis, Arkansas when we saw a Lamborghini on the highway! It was the coolest thing! And it reminded me to ask Big Daddy, "Did you bring the camera?" Shit.

So all the photos from our weekend getaway are going to be crappy little camera phone images.

The weather here is so gorgeous! Like 57 degrees. Ahhhh...fall. We went to the Arch but the line to go up was several hours long. Note to self: Don't go to Arch on Saturday afternoon.

Tonight - the St. Louis Blues vs. the San Jose Sharks. Got seats right on the glass. You know the boys are excited about that.

Tomorrow - the Rams vs. the Seahawks. And can you believe that Big Daddy bought a Sean Alexander shirt to wear to the game?? We were at Union Station and he put it on as soon as he bought it and all these people that are members of the Midwest Seahawks Club kept coming up to him and now we're invited to some Texas Hold 'Em for charity party tonight and a huge tailgate party tomorrow. Who knew??

That's it for now. Can't post a photo b/c there's nowhere to download it from my phone onto this PC. And neither one of us brought our laptops (can you believe it??? I can't.) so this may be it until we get home.

Much Love -