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Noche de Gala

Friday night I attended the Latino Memphis gala. Several of my Latina girlfriends were on the committee. We had a great time. And I learned a new word: Bicha.

All the chicas were there:

-- Is from Nicaragua
-- She was co-chair of the event
-- She wore a mink fur stole over her dress
-- No.She.Dit-int
-- Yes, she did
-- She doesn't work
-- But she has a housekeeper
-- And a new BMW
-- She spends her days planning gala events for nonprofits
-- When she's not traveling
-- Her makeup looked great
-- Turns out she's went to NYC and had it done by a Trish McEvoy rep
-- And then bought $thousands worth
-- You see why I call her my princess friend
-- She's wonderful
-- I only wish I could keep up

-- Is from Chile
-- She was in charge of the silent auction
-- There were two diamond bracelets worth $20K each
-- And an autographed Carlos Santana guitar
-- She & LuLu are best friends
-- She's a little funkier than LuLu
-- She was wearing a green vintage dress
-- And a big floppy J-Lo hat
-- She doesn't work either
-- And drives a Mercedes SUV
-- And once spent $12,000 on clothes at Oak Hall in one month.
-- Which she and LuLu thought was HILARIOUS!!!

-- Is from Puerto Rico
-- She was in charge of PR for the event
-- She did a very good job as every society page photog was there
-- Also, the event was sold out
-- She does work
-- And is very good at what she does
-- She's in training to run a marathon
-- Her ass looks GREAT
-- She's an excellent salsa dancer, too
-- She taught me about Regatone

-- She's not technically a Latina
-- She's actually a red-headed Irish girl from Virginia
-- But she lived in Mexico for a couple years and so is fluently bilingual
-- She's my bestfriend
-- She's a bit of a hippie chick
-- But she looked great all dressed up Friday night

I wish I'd gotten some photos because everyone looked fantastic. You know, Hispanic women are so glamorosa. (Do you know what country has had more Miss Universes than any other? That's right: Venezuela.) But alas, my camera phone wouldn't fit in my tiny little cocktail bag so I had to leave it in the car. The only photo I got was this one at my house before the gala: