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Just call me ESPN

All sports...all the time

Saturday morning we left the house at 10 a.m. for My Kid's soccer game. Which they won 4-1. With no dramatic moments like irate insects or shitty fat ref lady giving our coach a card. We were playing that team with the 8-year-olds again so Coach moved the players all around again. My Kid played goalie the first half. The second half he was at midfield and he played more aggressive than I've seen in months. I think standing bored in the goal in the entire first half will do that to you. Two of Kid's teammates that had never scored before made goals yesterday. Their moms were soooo excited.

We left the soccer field at nearly 12 and headed down to Liberty Bowl stadium for the Tiger football (NCAA) game. The tickets said the game started at 1, but when we got there (at 12:30) the parking lot wasn't all that crowded. Turns out the game was pushed back to 2:30 for TV. So we went to the Alumni Association party and ate barbeque and drank beer until the game started. We won 27-24. It was Homecoming. DeAngleo Williams, the senior All-American and THE NATION'S LEADING RUSHER, carried a career-high 39 times for 226 yards and two touchdowns . The 200-yard game was the fourth by Williams this season and the eighth of his career. Last week he only had 197. Slacker.

We left the stadium and took Big Daddy home. He wasn't feeling well. (He thinks it might be his appendix. I think it might be complete burnout from working every single day the entire summer without ever taking even one day off.) So we took him home, then The Kid & I headed downtown to the FedExForum for the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) game. We had not been to the Forum since it opened, so that was a pretty amazing experience. The Griz were playing the Houston Rockets and I just want to tell you that Yao Ming is a complete freak of nature. I saw Pau Gasol up close at the Latino Memphis Gala Friday night. He is 7 feet tall and appears suspiciously giantlike when he walks into a room. Even a spacious room full of hundreds of people. However, on the court with Yao (7'8" I think?), even Pau is dwarfed. It's like watching trick photography. We won 82-78 and My Kid got to see Tracey McGrady play, who he really likes. And we were in my office's Club Level seats which means you don't have to get up and go to the concession stands; people bring the food to you. Man, that's the life.

Some photos of my ESPN day are posted here.