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It's like that web site postsecret.com

I hate reality shows. Really I do. I watched Survivor for the first couple seasons, and I enjoy the bad singers at the beginning of AI, and I do enjoy a bit of America's Next Top Model when I catch it on VH1 on the weekends.

But I don't get INTO any reality shows. Like actually care about who got voted off or who said what to who.

Until recently.

Would you believe that I watched every episode of The Surreal Life this season? I can hardly believe it myself. It started as a matter of convenience - it just happened to come on after Best Week Ever. So it was something I laid in bed and watched on Sunday mornings. Like cartoons. For adults.

And I found myself talking to Bronson and Caprice and Jose and Hart when they would tell the camera that Omarosa was WRONG to bring up Janice's kids and I would say, "Well why don't you say that to her face??"

And I felt gyped that Janice made her big scene at the last supper and we never got to see what Peppa's question was.

And even though I know the show is just stupid, I found that I'd become wrapped up in it. And I AM NOT ASHAMED. OK, maybe I am. A little bit.