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How My Day Went

I was pleased to notice on my first trip to the restroom this morning that the lipstick I'd picked out went exceptionally well with the lime green eye shadow I'm wearing. Because it's not easy matching up some lime green eye shadow, you know.

The bitch from Nashville spent more time arguing over who's going to incur the late fees if we didn't get to print by 1 p.m. than she did just OPENING UP THE DAMN FILE AND APPROVING IT.

Then she told me the hold up was that legal was looking at the copy and she asked me where I got the enforcement information and I said FROM YOUR WEB SITE.

Big Daddy's coming home tonight!!! Yay!

The company bought us lunch today from an Asian bistro. My life philosophy is: Any day is a good day that you can get someone to buy your lunch.

When you live in the south, and summer lasts for nine months out of the year, you get really funny about parking in the shade. You search for it. You drive around an extra 10 minutes looking for it. You get really, really excited when you get it - like scoring a great deal on a pair of Michael Kors sandals. Today, when I came out of work, I noticed my car was IN THE SHADE!!! and I started to do a little dance of joy until I realized that I'D WORKED SO LATE THE WHOLE DAMN PARKING LOT WAS IN THE SHADOW OF THE BUILDING.

Remember when you were young and in love and kissing meant so much to you that you never wasted those minutes sitting at a red light but instead would spend those precious moments deep kissing your boyfriend? I got behind a couple like that tonight. "How sweet," I thought. "How romantic...How totally puke-inducing." Ugh.