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You know what is really bugging me as the new TV season is getting underway?

That they completely ignore the obvious.

Case in point:

The O.C. Season Premiere
Marissa Cooper shot Trey. We saw that at the end of last season. But the cops didn't believe ALL FOUR of the witnesses. Nooooo, uh-uh. Marissa was OBVIOUSLY covering for her boyfriend who OBVIOUSLY went to Trey's to kill his brother for attempted rape on Marissa. (Got all that?) Anyhoo...here's the point: POLICE OFFICERS TEST THE HANDS/FINGERS OF SHOOTING WITNESSES TO PROVE WHO FIRED THE GUN. I mean really, how simple is all that? Of course, they wouldn't have had a season premiere without omitting that simple fact of criminal justice.

Second Case:
(OK, I just realized that both these examples are from The O.C.)

The O.C. Week Two
Harbor wants to expel Ryan & Marissa because "no student at Harbor has ever been involved in a shooting." So Sandy and Julie Cooper-Nichol are sitting in a meeting with the principal, trying to convince her not to kick the kids out their senior year, even though there's a parents' petition with over 1,000 signatures. And Julie says, "You know my daughter - tall, pretty, wears Chanel? She's not exactly 'gansta'." But where's the reality here? Why doesn't anyone say, "What would you do if you walked into a room and found someone trying to kill your child and a gun lay at your feet?" No charges were filed. She saved a life, she didn't take one. But I guess there's no drama if it's realistic.