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Postcard from the Beach - Day Four

Big Daddy & My Kid spent Day Four on a deep sea fishing trip. My Kid caught a shark. No shit. There's new photos at flickr but unfortunately, none of the shark. You're not allowed to actually bring sharks and pirananhas onto the boat. Huh. No damn fun.

I spent Day Four at the hotel. Nursing a hangover. Funny how those rum punches kinda sneak up on you when you're sucking them down in the sunshine.

Today an unfortunate blistery rash has appeared on the inside of my arms. I don't know if it's the sun or the heat, but it happens to me every year. Big Daddy foolishly recommended that I increase my spf usage on the rash to something in the triple digits. Ha! Silly man. Like I would sacrifice a perfect and even tan for a little skin health.