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Day Five Report

Rash on arms spread to wrists, shoulders and chest. Soooo ruining my perfect, enviable tan. Bought some "dry oil" sunscreen at the hotel store that's not supposed to clog pores. Refuse to give up last days of Florida sunshine. Figure Benadryl will make wiling away hours in the sun go by even faster.

Took My Kid back to the Track earlier in the evening so he could get some actual go kart driving time as opposed to standing in line time. Rode 5 times. Rode the last time with him. Wearing short skirt since am adamantly opposed to shorts and wear them only to wash the car. Skirts get shorter as legs get tanner, and this one was pretty short. Wind caused by driving go kart caused skirt to fly up and am afraid low-rise Body by Vicky thongs not providing much coverage in the girly parts area. May not be allowed to return to Track but luckily used up all our $2.75 tickets yesterday.