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I feel like a junkie

Now that I'm back I've got a vendor here training us on a new traffic system for our dept. It's a big project that I've been leading for about 18 months now that is finally coming to fruition. Long days while he's here. No blogs. Not mine or anyone else's. I haven't even OPENED another blog since *gasp* last TUESDAY!!! Egad.

So if you're missing my comments on your site (humor me...) just know that I'll be back soon. He'll be gone late Wednesday afternoon and maybe I can catch up then. Make sure you go back and check your previous posts because I'll be leaving very, very late comments. And I'll try to get a quick post in sometime in the evening so you'll know I'm still around.

Here's tonight's:

Did you SEE that horrendously cheesed-out Anthony family duet on the Grammy's the other night? I missed most of the show (and all of the Red Carpet, so sorry - no Overdressed photo commentary on these awards) but I was lucky enough to tune into this. Holy shit!

If J. Lo had been on AI, Paula Abdul would have said, "It was a little pitchy." But I ain't that nice: the bitch was OUT OF TUNE.

And what was with the whole bedroom scene? And the robe she was wearing? And what exactly was that underneath the robe, because I generally don't wear evening gowns under my peignoir, but apparently that's what it was since at the end of the song her adoring husband put a fur stole over her shoulders and they left. I don't really know because the song was in Spanish and I don't speak Espanol. Whatever it was, it was ugly. Even My Kid couldn't believe how HUGE it made her hips look. And he's 11. He generally doesn't notice such things but it was pretty fucking obvious.

I only wanted to see it because I thought I might catch some glimpse of private passion between The Supposedly Married Couple That Refuse To Walk The Red Carpet Together Or Even Arrive At The Same Time. But no. There was none.

And BTW, when Mr. Anthony played for a benefit here in Memphis, some, errr...girls I know that, ahhh...wait tables at that fine upstanding club otherwise referred to as "The Purple Church" or "The Mt. Moriah Social Club," reported he was there later in the evening getting himself the special treatment. If you know what I mean. But that's just the rumor. I don't claim to know anything.