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Today's chapter, in which I find out someone else I used to know is famous

Last night while I was sitting around watching AI with the family, my brother called me. Which is really unusual because, even though he's the only person in my family I ever make a point of speaking to, it's sadly limited to birthdays and holidays.

So my brother, whom I will call "Steve," because that's his name, and really - how much identity protection do I need to offer him? It's not like someone who knows us and reads this site is suddenly going to realize, "OH! It's THAT Kalisah, the one with the brother STEVE! Hell, I know them!"

Anyhoo, Steve tells me that he was just watching this show on NBC about the funniest moments on live TV and he saw an old friend of ours - Mitch English.

(I started to give him an alias, but given that he's FAMOUS already, there's really no since in hiding his identity either, right?)

Steve told me the name of the show that Mitch is on so I went and looked it up online. Turns out it's a national morning news show "delivered with personality" so given what I know about Mitch, I wasn't really too surprised to see him here.

For one thing, I saw him doing weather on a TV station a few years back when we were on vacay in Destin, so I already kind of knew that he was on television.

And as far as the personality part...well...let me give you a little background on Mitch.

Mitch moved into our small town the year after I graduated high school and his family went to church with my family. He and Steve were sophomores in high school together and got to be pretty good friends, even though Mitch was a nice upstanding Morman boy and Steve was probably getting high under the bleachers. (What? I said PROBABLY!)

Mitch was elected "Most Humorous" (don't call him the "class clown") his first year at LBHS. And in a small town like mine, you have to be popular to get voted anything, and it's not easy for a newcomer to break into that inner sanctum. But Mitch had that kind of ability. He had that kind of infectious personality.

When they called his name at the student assembly as having won, he ran down to the front and did the Pee Wee Herman "Tequila" dance. The crowd went beserk. They loved him.

His family moved to Florida before he graduated, and I later heard that a tragedy befell them that affected Mitch deeply. My dad told me that he was never quite himself after this which I thought was really really sad, since hisself had been so funny and personable before.

But hey! Looks like Mitch has bounced back! According to his web site he is doing stand-up comedy (he'll be at the MGM Vegas Feb. 4) and has been in a few movies and television shows. Go Mitch!

So, we don't get the show here. If you get The Daily Buzz in your market, do me a favor: tune in one morning and let me know if he's any good.

(And, ummm, for the record - I never dated Mitch.)