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Looking for something?

So I was checking my stats and I thought I would look to see what kind of searches are bringing people to Overdressed.

  • 3 people actually searched the name of the blog. I hope I didn't get drunk one night and blab what my blog is called and drove people I know here. Gah!
  • 6 people were searching "Worst Dress 2004." Imagine how disappointed they must have been to stumble upon me and not Mr. Blackwell.
  • 1 person was searching "Desperate Housewives Worst Dress." I bet they were looking for that photo of Nicolette Sheriden in that low cut white gown with plastic Barbie-looking cleavage. Which I'm sorry to say I do not have here. Although I think I probably should. (And BTW, doesn't "Nicolette" sound like a stop-smoking aid?)
  • 1 person was trying to figure out who killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Which is so funny that they would have come across me and that silly post I made way back in June when I had just started blogging and was trying to think of things to post about.
  • 1 person was googling the movie This Property Condemned and I am totally thrilled and honored that they came upon my Favorite Movies post because not that many people have ever even heard of that movie.
  • 1 person was looking for "Britney Spears trucker hat ugly picture" which they absolutely found in my wrap-up to 2004. Glad I could help.
  • 1 person was googling my name "kalisah" which is a little scary....
  • and 1 person was looking for "how much does Oprah make a year?" To which I say, WTF??? If you're coming to me for that answer you are seriously lost on the information superhighway. I don't even know how much I make.