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My solemn vow

We spent yesterday afternoon & evening at my brother's for my neice's seventh birthday. It was a nice time. The kids swam and they cooked out lots of good food.

When we got home, Big Daddy said, "Come watch 'Signs' with us!" I missed the first part with all the crop circles and whatever, but I did get to see the aliens in their rubber leotards. And the part where Georgie from "Sisters" gets cut in half by a car.

Again, all the parts that were supposed to be eerie, had me cracking up! Like when you first see the aliens from that kid's birthday party tape. And when Mel cuts off the alien-in-the-pantry's fingers.

Big Daddy said, "You just don't like M. Night Shyamalan." I said, "Let me get this straight: Aliens come to invade the earth, but can be defeated with WATER, so they run scared back to their own planet...and you're telling me this isn't as stupid as the movie we saw last night???"

I'm swearing off all M. Night's movies from now on.