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DeGrassi Jr. High was never like this...was it???

Well this is weird. I wouldn't say I'm completely freaked out, but I'm pretty taken aback.

You know, Sunday...laundry day. My Kid's outside and Big Daddy's taking a nap. I go into My Kid's room to strip the sheets off his bed and I find that he's hidden a spiral notebook inside one of his pillowcases. So of course I have to see what's in it. And read it. B/c you know that's how responsible parents find out that their kid plans to blow up his school.

And he's written three pages, front & back, in a very neat print, about everything that's been going on with him & his girlfriend. I mean, this is more writing than he did in the whole of fifth grade. Keep in mind, My Kid is 11. He's had this girlfriend since last December when she began calling my house 14 times a day. She still calls a lot (even long distance when her family was on vacation this summer) but now I think they IM a lot more.

So My Kid is apparently caught up in this big middle school love triangle between his girlfriend K. and some other guy named M. And now I know all the details - K. was "going out" with M. when she found out that My Kid liked her, so she offered to break up with M. to go out with My Kid. I never knew that. But now - NOW the little tramp has been going back & forth, cheating on My Kid with M. under the bleachers at the basketball game??? Seems she can't make up her mind between the two. And everytime she comes back to My Kid, he takes her back "b/c I really like her" (according to the diary).

Oh, the drama!