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Reunion Update...Thursday

Did I mention that I went to high school on the Mississippi gulf coast? Yeah, so we drove through the state of Mississippi today. I can't begin to tell you the excitement of all that.

Jackson, Miss., is my least favorite city IN THE WORLD. It sucks. I even tried to live there once, but that lasted all of two months. Big Daddy drove from Memphis half-way to Jackson (about an hour and a half), then I took over and he went to sleep in the back seat. By the time we got to Jxn, I had driven through some pretty serious storms, I was tired and I was ready for a coffee.

Of course, there are no starbucks in Jackson. Best I can figure. I got off the highway and drove the service road, and I even had My Kid looking out for one. Eventually I saw a sign for some coffee shop in a book store so I made my way there. It was raining its ass off.

I stood in line for half a lifetime while the guy behind the counter leisurely made two coffees for the lady in front of me in line. When she went to pay he had to look up her discount number in the computer b/c she didn't have her card. THAT took forever. I mean, how much discount are you gonna get on a cup of coffee??? Meanwhile, the girl next to me in line told me all about how she's having trouble getting pregnant and all the medication her doctor has her on. Swear to god. I hate Jackson.

Back in the car, we passed a fried chicken fast food joint whose logo was a chicken cutting its own head off.

I'll just stop now. It's too much. It's just too much.