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Memes rock, ya know

As seen at Joelle's, who stole it from Quirkychick.

First job: I worked at Senor Taco in my hometown. For a long time. Much longer than I ever should have. And I ate a lot of free Senor Nachos.
First screen name: kalisagirl
First self-purchased CD: Shit, I can tell you the first RECORD I bought myself. REO Speedwagon "Hi Infedelity." Stop laughing. I mean it. Stop it. Right now.
First piercing/tattoo: Well, yeah. My parents FINALLY let me pierce my ears when I was 13. And let's see...after that...oh. That's it. For the record, I've WANTED a tattoo for years. But now I'm afraid somehow that, at my age, I've missed my window of opportunity.
First true love: Oh this one's easy. Ricky Brice. He dumped me for M.R., who he then got pregnant. Then he stole a car and went to jail. Then he broke out of jail and escaped to Florida. Then he got caught and went back to jail, where he unceremoniously hung himself. Can I pick 'em or what?
First enemy: Well duh! M.R.