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In Mike's Defense

From the July 12 issue of Time Magazine:

He [Moore] also hired the former chief of fact checking at the New Yorker magazine to comb the film for inaccuracies. "There's lots of disagreement with my analysis of these facts or my opinion based on the facts. But," he insists, "there is not a single factual error in the movie. I'm thinking of offering a $10,000 reward for anyone that can find a single fact that's wrong."
I know I didn't write much about Fahrenheit 9/11. I believe my entire post was "GO SEE IT." Frankly, I think I was too overwhelmed to say much at the time.

Here's what I think of the film in general:
#1. Every administration has lies, politics and deceit going on behind the scenes. I'm not so naive as to think that it's just the Republicans. [God, I sound like my parents during Watergate: "Every president does it; he just got caught."] The thing is...NOT EVERY ADMINISTRATION TAKES OUR COUNTRY INTO WAR FOR HIS OWN - AND HIS FAMILY'S - PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL GAIN. That, to me, is what makes GWB one of the worst presidents our country has ever had.
#2. OF COURSE the movie is biased. You're just a complete idiot if you thought you were going to see a fair and balanced look at the war in Iraq. So what. You disagree with Michael Moore's opinions, with the way he presented the issues. Fine. I don't give a shit. But try disputing the facts. Come on - $10K is up for grabs!
And #3. I hope this movie makes non-voters completely and utterly ashamed of themselves.

Tomorrow...the specifics.