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Hot Town, Summer in the City

Hi! Welcome to the Summer Party! Ahhh, Heat Advisory...it's about damn time you showed up. We were starting to worry about you. Yes, High Humidity has been here for a while. And I think that Stifling Temperatures has been looking for you. (His little brother Mild didn't get to stay long, I'm afraid. Too bad. Everyone liked him.) Daily Steamy Showers is just about to leave. I hope. She's been fucking up the whole party. Blistering Carseats and Scorching Pavement are having a big time tormenting people as they always do. I don't even know why we invite them. There's drinks on the patio - they won't cool you off any but if you drink enough of them, you won't mind Oppressive Heat quite so much, eh? Yeah, I know...he's so overbearing. But hey! It's Summer! In the South! You signed up for this party, now get out there & enjoy your pals!