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Breakfast time

It is a CK's kind of morning. I'm ready for a fried egg sandwich, so we're off to see our waitress friend who looks like The Cryptkeeper. Mmmm...hashbrowns.

UPDATE: For those of you not from the M-town, CK's is our fabulous 24-hour greasy diner. It's small, with a counter, six or eight booths, and a juke box with lots of country music CDs. There's a couple of really, really old waitresses, a black woman cooking and a young black man helping bus tables and wash dishes. Big Daddy recommends the Paul Bunyan Breakfast. My Kid likes the waffles. (They have a great malted flavor to them.) And the hashbrowns. We all love the hashbrowns. CK's is one of the only places on earth where I want to overeat. It's just all so damn good. And greasy. And even though one fried egg sandwich and hashbrowns fills me up, I really want to eat two.