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What I need is a Fairy Godmother

Here's an update on my search for the perfect class reunion dress. When last we joined me, I was ordering dresses online. All the dresses have arrived and I've managed to narrow the decision down to two: this one or this one.

*sigh* I promised Big Daddy I'd make my decision this weekend. Because of course once the dress is chosen there's still shoes and jewelery to consider. And Big Daddy stresses Big Time over $$ being spent. He's quite anxious to have the receipt totals in his hands.

So...if you were going back to your class reunion 20 years later, and this girl was there who was nothing special in high school but turns out to be totally sexy now and making you regret like hell that she'd sat home alone on prom night, which dress would you rather see her in? Or...if you were going to your HUSBAND'S 20 year reunion, which dress would you rather NOT see me in?? Heh heh heh.