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Quirks about Me

I have this thing about using toilet paper that may have glue on it...mainly, the very beginning and the very end of the roll.

OK, as you were.

Thanks for visiting my page. Your blog seems well on its way! I would like to check back occasionally also. Seems like you have a pretty interesting life. Take Care!

So what you are saying is, even if there is glue on the toilet paper roll, you feel compelled to try and get every piece of paper off the roll? If so, then yeah, me too. If not, then umm.... well, that's what I do. Somewhat neurotic I suppose.

LOL :) No I don't have that, but I do like my toilet paper camille cented. Did I just say that? Sweety (sweety@helloworlditsme.com)

But when you get to the end of the roll.. you don't have a lot of options, right? I guess if you plan ahead you could avoid it.

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