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Dream a little Dream

I had two very strange dreams that were both about nature last night. The first one took place in Norway. We had to travel by ferry on the rivers (which I guess technically are really fjords, but in the dream they were just rivers). But there was this one girl who didn't use the ferries. She just floated down the rivers (fjords). They called her the Norwegian word for "amphibian" because "she doesn't have to know her location to get where she needs to be." The dream was all about these really powerful water scenes.

Then Big Daddy came in and woke me up and asked me if I wanted to go get breakfast. Hmmm...let's see...eat or sleep? Yeah, no contest there...

So the next dream I think was kind of a continuation of the first. Because we were still in a foreign country and I'm pretty sure it was still Norway. In this one, we were releasing things into the wind, and they would float away like helium balloons. Only they weren't balloons - they were like banners, and flags. And there was no helium involved. They would just float away on the wind.

Water and wind. There must be a meaning here. Maybe it has something to do with "power."